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Events – Three days of conference for USYD

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I cater regularly for the School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry at USYD and also for the Faculty of Art and Social Sciences at the UNSW.

It is such a joy to look after the students, the participants and the professors and to make sure the day is running smoothly.

The conferences are often internationale and vary from one to three days.

I am in constant liaison with the organiser of the conference who informs me about all the information i need to know for the event: the meeting rooms, the dates, the agenda of the day, the number of the participants, the dietary requirement for some participants, the equipments and the logistic of the day.

The template of a conference day: a welcome coffee/tea, breakfast, lunch with coffee/tea and an afternoon tea.


Menu sample for the three days and for 30 participants:


The three colours of raw

Uni of Syd








Iced cucumber soup

Uni of Syd 1











Pumpkin and pistachio roast topped with a cone of smoked salmon and rocket served with homemade chilli sauce

Uni of Syd 2








Barramundi in light curry sauce

Uni of Syd 3








Chargrilled zucchini tartellette with a tomato, cinnamon and paprika coulis

Uni of Syd 4








Roasted pumpkin, chickpea and homemade preserved lemon

Uni of Syd 5









Potato galettes topped with chargrilled eggplant with a coulis of carrot pesto

Uni of Syd 6







Orange, date, woodland lettuce and rose water dressing

Uni of Syd 7








Cherry tomato, French beans and haloumi

Uni of Syd 9








Watermelon and blood orange

Uni of Syd 10

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On November 13, 2013

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