swordfish and spinach


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Pan-fried or grilled swordfish with wilted spinach and cherry tomatoes
2 bunches of spinach, washed, chopped & stems removed
3 garlic, minced
Olive oil or coconut oil
1 or 2 lemons zest and juice
Salt and pepper
2 punnets of cherry tomatoes
2 swordfish or tuna steaks
Heat a skillet over medium heat.
Add oil and sauté garlic for 2 or 3 minutes.
Add spinach to the frying pan in stages.
Fill the pan with spinach until they wilt.
Add more spinach and repeat the process until the last of the spinach.
Add the cherry tomatoes for 3-4 more minutes
Salt & pepper.
Heat another skillet and 2 or 3 of coconut oil and fry the fish for 3 minutes on each side.
Salt & pepper
When slightly pink in the middle, the cooking is done.
Add the lemon zest and juice.
Carefully lift the fish onto the spinach mixture and pour over the juice.

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On November 19, 2015

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