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What a wonderful experience.

I am walking and discovering such amazing places and my body is smiling.

Tainan is boosted with temples, shrines, old merchant alleys and of course the Mecca for Taiwanese cuisine.

I walked into an old merchant tea house restored to the finest state and mixed with just few artefacts from a local artist.

The same artist came along and did my portrait for free.

I asked if I could stay in the homestead.

On the balcony of my room in those tiny alleys, you can see the roof of temples, beautiful old bayan threes, wooden houses.

Just divine.

The homestead is simple, lush and feels good.

I have to pinch myself to not to cry.

I walked into a beautiful, light and airy art gallery/ patisserie and they offer me for a selection of cakes and a pot of creme brûlée.
They refused any money. Honest to God.

I am staying few more days over here as it is such a temple heaven for me.

This  early morning I decided to get lost and I went under the flyover motorway and I found out all the underground Chinese ballrooms
dancing. It is half round down/homeless decor with just local regular people dancing Chinese tango. I stayed there for an hour enjoying the show.

Taiwan is a very quiet country, soft spoken, soft music and beautiful people.

Life is good.


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On August 29, 2013

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